Power Tip Tuesday – Sorting Zimbra Email!

When you open Zimbra, your email is listed chronologically by date received … but it doesn’t have to be! You can sort email for your own work style or to find emails easily.

Maybe you want to see email listed:

  • By sender
  • With flagged messages on top
  • In reverse chronological order
  • By size

When your reading pane is on the right:

  1. Open the View menu.
  2. Open the Sort by menu.
  3. Select the category for sorting.

When your reading pane is on the bottom, click any column header to sort by that category. For example, click the:

  • Subject column header to sort alphabetically by Subject.
  • Flag column header to display all flagged messages first.
  • From column header to sort all messages alphabetically by sender. Click again to sort them in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Received column header to sort all messages chronologically by date received. Click again to sort them in reverse chronological order.

Click here for a demonstration.

Thanks for joining us for Power Tip Tuesday!

Your Zimbra Friends & Colleagues

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