Worried about Google’s 20% Price Hike? You can count on Zimbra’s LOW $ and LOW TCO

In April 2019, Google’s G Suite prices will increase by 20%. That’s quite a hit … And that price increase does not include improved data privacy, which can be a bigger pain point than increased costs.

You can count on Zimbra for low costs and a low TCO (total cost of ownership). You can also count on us for peace of mind thanks to our data sovereignty, data privacy and security.

Here is what some of our customers have to say …

“Zimbra is the best open source collaborative mail solution, and it is an excellent alternative to closed solutions such as Exchange, Office365 or G Suite, above all for its high level of integration, usability and scalability,” Andreu Bru, Director of Technology and Innovation at PIMEC in Catalonia. Read more.

“Our clients … want to retain their sovereign right to their online data and want to “resign” from the continually watching, analytical multinational tech companies and institutions,” Borsos Gábor, CEO of COREX in Hungary. Read more.

“Zimbra provides a considerable economic saving compared to other cloud-based email systems, while maintaining the same features and guarantees in terms of privacy, security and data sovereignty,” Franco Bolzonella, Account Manager of Policlinico in Italy. Read more.

“With Zimbra, our costs have dropped dramatically, from 3.30 euros per mailbox per month to 1.22 euros. This decrease takes into account the costs for licenses, hardware, maintenance and energy consumption,” Stefano Durzu, Network Administrator of Oceano in Italy, where they replaced Google with Zimbra. Read more.

“Picking Zimbra was easy; in addition to its open architecture, Zimbra has a complete set of collaboration tools at a fraction of the cost of other solutions,” Kyrus Antia General Manager of IT & Communication at DNA in India. Read more.

Want to learn more about Zimbra’s email and collaboration platform? Contact us at marketing-team@synacor.com.

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2 Responses to Worried about Google’s 20% Price Hike? You can count on Zimbra’s LOW $ and LOW TCO

  1. Adam February 20, 2019 at 3:19 PM #

    Shame you remove the per-seat licensing, I can’t and won’t buy 25 seats for my small business, even with the potential for resale to my hosting customers. It’s just not worth the cost. Your loss.

    • Gayle Billat February 28, 2019 at 11:00 PM #

      Sorry, Adam … Unfortunately, sometimes hard business decisions are necessary. Sorry we missed out on your business.

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