Power Tip Tuesday – Zimbra Search is FAST

Welcome to Power Tip Tuesday! Each week you’ll get “best of the best” tips from Zimbra Power Users, guaranteed to save you time. This week: Searching in Zimbra … Wasting time searching for a specific email? Not in Zimbra, where searches are easy and fast! Search your entire Zimbra account, including attachments, in seconds. Great and […]

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New Year’s Resolutions & Upgrades!

Hello Zimbra Partners, Customer and Friends, It’s the new year and time for new year’s resolutions and upgrades! Are you planning to upgrade your Zimbra environment in 2019? We recommend that you upgrade to take advantage of Zimbra’s latest security updates, newest features and cost savings enhancements like HSM. If you are planning an upgrade […]

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NEW Zimbra Patches: 8.8.11 Patch 1 + 8.8.10 Patch 5 + 8.8.9 Patch 9

Hello Zimbra Friends, Customers & Partners, We have three new patches to announce: Zimbra 8.8.11 “Homi Bhabha” Patch 1 Zimbra 8.8.10 “Konrad Zuse” Patch 5 Zimbra 8.8.9 “Curie” Patch 9 For 8.8.8 and above Zimbra Patches, you don’t need to download any patch builds. The Patch packages can be installed using Linux package management commands. […]

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NEW Zimbra 8.8.11 (aka Homi Bhabha) is here!

Hello Zimbra Friends, Customers & Partners, We are happy to announce the release of Zimbra Collaboration 8.8.11 (aka “Homi Bhabha“). Highlights of the release are included below. For all release details, please visit the release notes. New Features in 8.8.11 Users can now designate any calendar, including a shared or delegated calendar, to be their […]

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Two Thirds of Fortune 500 Companies Miss The Mark On Email Security … Do You?

This week, Axios reported … Fortune 500 companies are doing … a lousy job at email security. 330 out of the Fortune 500 companies do not have computers set up to prevent sending fraudulent emails in a firm’s name. If these resource-rich companies have not implemented simple steps to beef up their email security, chances are that […]

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