Admin Account authentication now honors zimbraAuthFallbackToLocal when using external/custom authentication

Zimbra supports various authentication sources for authenticating users. Examples include external LDAP, Active Directory and custom authentication plugins. Prior to Zimbra 10.0.8 the setting of zimbraAuthFallbackToLocal had no effect on administrative accounts. Meaning you could use the username and password from Zimbra LDAP for signing on to an admin account. Even if the admin account […]

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NEW! Patch Release: Compression support on S3 external volumes, Enabled Concurrent Socket Connection for OpenJDK & Other Enhancements

Patch Security Severity: Medium Deployment Risk: Medium This release focuses on essential security and improving user experience for the following editions Zimbra Daffodil 10.0.8 (Release Notes) Zimbra 9.0.0 Kepler Patch-40 (Release Notes) Patch updated on Apr 22 include the following in their respective releases What’s New Performance Enabled concurrent socket connection for OpenJDK External Storage […]

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How to fix Samsung Phones not being able to send mail (ActiveSync)

In this article you will find a short how-to on how to fix the issue that some Samsung phones can receive mail, see calendars, but cannot send mail via Zimbra. Users will see messages go immediately to the outbox with a warning that the message was not sent. ActiveSync protocol version This issue affects only […]

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Automatically deploy and update Zimbra Connector for Outlook using OPSI

OPSI, which stands for Open PC Server Integration, is an open-source software deployment and management solution designed primarily for Windows-based networks. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for automating software deployment, patch management, inventory management, and system configuration across multiple computers in an organization’s network. OPSI is often used for rolling out Windows workstations […]

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