ZimbraNotify: The Missing Linux ZCS Toaster

By | February 19, 2008
Zimbra has a toaster for Mac, and a toaster for Windowsbut didn't have a toaster for Linux until pbruna came along with his adaptation of the checkgmail program by Owen Marshall. Linux fanboys rejoice, your toaster is here (bread not included). If you haven't had time to drop by the forums lately here's a quick preview of a recent community contributed project. Our Linux users have been keeping an eye on this RFE, as it would make a nice complement to Zimbra Desktop. Bugzilla has a ton of your cool ideas that we're working hard to get finished. In the meantime, Linux users: how do you find out when that e-mail you're expecting, has come in? PBruna has come to the rescue with a toaster-like sibling!… Read more »

The Coolest Thing Ever is Released!

By | February 13, 2008
The coolest thing ever is highlighted in this blog post with a cool video. It took us a little longer than expected to get the extension out, but it's ready. You need to make sure that you have the com_zimbra_dnd.zip zimlet installed on the server. This is a Firefox 2.0+ (including Beta 3) extension that allows ZCS 5.0+ users to simply drag attachments into their briefcase and mail compose window. Special thanks to Suman Raj who spent countless hours getting writing this and keeping Zimbra awesome!… Read more »

Zindus: The Thunderbird Contacts Extension

By | January 7, 2008
Toolware Pty has written a very cool Thunderbird Extension for Zimbra called Zindus. It is open-source software and runs on all Thunderbird platforms including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Thunderbird users take note! There's an awesome extension that syncs your contacts between Zimbra and Thunderbird. It syncs everything from Address Books to your GAL (Global Address List). Although not an officially supported extension, some users in our Forums have already adopted this new extension. Zindus is Open Source (which is why I'm blogging about it). I've used the extension, and had no trouble syncing all my contacts from ZCS 5.… Read more »

Zimbra for Your Firefox Sidebar

By | October 12, 2007
A few days back, I saw this tip about how to add a certain web-based e-mail's calendar to your Firefox side bar. I thought to myself, "I know we can do that, but what else can it do?" (more…)… Read more »

The Power of Search Part 2: Visual Search

By | August 22, 2007
Continuing our "The Power of Search" PowerTip series, we bring you "The Power of Search Part 2: Visual Search". Last time we discussed search bar commands. In this Zimbra User PowerTip, we will discuss how to use Zimbra's visual advanced search. (more…)… Read more »

Aggregate Mail Using Zimbra

By | July 10, 2007
Many of us have several different e-mail accounts. In this User's PowerTip, we'll discuss how to use Zimbra to aggregate mail from other servers. This way, you only have to open one e-mail account to see all of your mail. (more…)… Read more »