Power Tip Tuesday – Create appointments in a FLASH with Mini Cal!

Do you use your Zimbra mini calendar? It can save you a lot of time when you create appointments! You do not need to be in the Zimbra Calendar tab to create a new appointment!

There are two ways to use Zimbra mini calendar as a shortcut to create a meeting:

  1. From an email: This is an excellent shortcut because it opens an appointment tab that automatically includes everyone in the email to/from/cc lists, the content of the email and any attachments from the email!

Click here for a demonstration.

  1. From any Zimbra tab: As shown below, right-click any date on the mini calendar and select New Appointment.

Note: If you don’t see a mini calendar, either your organization has not enabled the mini calendar or that preference is turned off in Preferences > Calendar > Always show the mini calendar.

Please check your Preferences as shown below and, if needed, contact your System Administrator or email service provider for more information.

Thank you for joining us for Power Tip Tuesday!

Your Zimbra Friends & Colleagues

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