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Did You Know? Using the Briefcase

Did you know that you can use the Zimbra briefcase to: Save/Upload files to your Zimbra account, so you can access these files anytime you log in. Share files with co-workers for collaboration. Create Zimbra documents without the need for any other word processing software.   You can create multiple briefcase folders and upload any type […]

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Did You Know? Zimbra Web Client Options

Did You Know? Zimbra Web Client Options Typically, when you launch Zimbra, you see the “advanced” web client. This is the version most people use because it provides the most functionality. However, if you are working from a location with a slow Internet connection, try using the “standard” version of the Zimbra web client. The standard […]

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Did You Know? A New Zimbra Training Class: Troubleshooting End-User Issues

Did you know that Zimbra has a brand new training class? We are happy to announce Zimbra Collaboration Troubleshooting End-User Issues. If you support Zimbra users on a help desk, this one-day course will make your job easier: it will increase your effectiveness and save you time solving customer cases. You will learn Zimbra troubleshooting skills, including […]

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Did You Know: Show/Hide Declined Meetings

Did you know that you can choose to show or hide deleted meetings on your Zimbra Calendar? By default, if you decline a meeting invitation, the meeting is still displayed on your Zimbra Calendar very faintly, as shown below. Because it is still displayed, you can right-click the meeting and change your response at any […]

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Did You Know: Forwarding Calendar Invitations

Did you know that you can automatically forward a copy of your calendar invitations to another email address? Here are some scenarios where forwarding a copy of calendar invitations to another address is helpful: If you do not check your Zimbra account frequently, you can forward a copy of your meeting invitations to an address that you check regularly. […]

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Did You Know: A Zimlet Summary

The last two Did You Know posts introduced Zimlets, magical pieces of code within Zimbra that: Make the Zimbra Web Client and the Zimbra Desktop easier to use with things like roll-over actions for dates, phone numbers, etc. Integrate Zimbra with other third-party information systems, such as WebEx and SalesForce. You also learned where to look […]

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