Did You Know: The Downloader Zimlet

Welcome to Part 2 of Our Zimlet Showcase: The Downloader Zimlet

In this Did You Know post, I will introduce and describe the Downloader Zimlet.

For background information on Zimlets, refer to this post: Did You Know: Zimlets!
For more information on Zimlets, visit zimbra.org.

ilger.com is a Zimbra Gold Partner and creator of several Zimlets. One of their newest Zimlets is Downloader. With this Zimlet installed, Zimbra users can download any of the following from their Zimbra account to their computer:

  • Emails (.eml)
  • Contacts (.vcf)
  • Appointments (.ics)
  • Tasks (.task)
  • Briefcase files (.zip)

Just enable the Downloader Zimlet, then you can export items by dragging and dropping each item onto the Zimlet. You can also select the item and either click the “Export” button or right-click and select “Export”.

With Downloader, you can also download your email folders, which is extremely useful for backup operations. Double-click the left mouse button on the Zimlet to access the Preferences menu. Here you can choose to automatically delete emails right after downloading them, which will free some space in your email account if needed.

This video demonstrates how easy it is to use Downloader and Downloader PDF.

For more information or to download the Downloader Zimlet, visit ilger.com.

ilger.com also offers the Downloader PDF Zimlet, which exports any email in PDF format. If the HTML and CSS code in the email are formatted correctly, the Downloader PDF Zimlet coverts the code into PDF format while preserving the structure of the text, images and links. It does not simply render the content of the email as an image, which is what most tools available online offer.

For more information about the Downloader PDF Zimlet, visit Downloader PDF at ilger.com.

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