Fave Zimlets – Expand your Zimbra Web Client Capabilities like a Pro, Part II

Last week we’ve presented a few new and popular Zimlets, this week we want to bring other really useful Zimlets with you.

Not-to-Miss Zimlets

These Zimlets are not brand new, but they have received recent updates and are included in our must-have list of Zimlets:

Sticky Notes

When you are reading an email, do you ever want to jot down things to remember? For example, “I need to confirm those dates,” or “John’s phone # is 555 350 1122,” or “Don’t forget to include that PPT.” Now there is an easy way to capture those thoughts!

Th Sticky Notes Zimlet lets you make quick notes and attach them to an email. Once you attach a Sticky Note, it will automatically pop-up the next time you open that email.

Zimbra OpenPGP Zimlet

This Zimlet adds PGP / GPG support to Zimbra Collaboration Suite. It has been tested on:

  • Windows Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, Chromium, Firefox
  • Linux, Google Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Iceweasel
  • OSX, Safari

Commercial Zimlets

Exporting a PDF to an email

As a cross-platform format that is independent of software, hardware and PC operating systems, PDF is universally recognised as the most widely used file format in the world for presentations and documents in general.

The function of this Zimlet is designed specifically for users who want to make the most of the portability and features that have made PDF one of the most widely used interchange formats.

The main feature of Downloader PDF is that it exports any email into PDF format. The only requirement is that the HTML and CSS code in the email are formatted correctly. The main advantage compared with many similar tools available online is that it converts code into PDF format while preserving the structure of text, images and links. It doesn’t simply render the content of the email as an image, as is commonly the case.


  1. Company logo in the upper left corner, to brand the document
  2. User name and creation date in the top right corner
  3. Customisable document width for optimal document export
  4. Export supported in email and search view

VNCsafe Zimlet – Zimbra & OwnCloud Integration

VNCsafe for Zimbra integrates OwnCloud seamlessly with the VNCsafe Zimlet. This allows users to archive / store secure email attachments and messages – or to simply attach documents, images or media files to new messages or share for common use.

If you want check out more Zimlets, please visit our Extended gallery – https://zimbra.org/extend/

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