How to fix Samsung Phones not being able to send mail (ActiveSync)

In this article you will find a short how-to on how to fix the issue that some Samsung phones can receive mail, see calendars, but cannot send mail via Zimbra. Users will see messages go immediately to the outbox with a warning that the message was not sent.

ActiveSync protocol version

This issue affects only some Samsung devices that use the Samsung Email app. To fix this issue you can set the zimbraMobileForceSamsungProtocol25 to TRUE and users will need to reconfigure their account on the mobile mobile device.

The zimbraMobileForceSamsungProtocol25 setting can be done on a per account or Class of Service level. Via the command line you can set this as follows:

su - zimbra

# For the default Class of Service
zmprov mc default zimbraMobileForceSamsungProtocol25 TRUE

# For one account
zmprov ma zimbraMobileForceSamsungProtocol25 TRUE

You may want to set this setting for all Classes of Service as follows:

for i in $(zmprov gac); do zmprov mc $i zimbraMobileForceSamsungProtocol25 TRUE; done

The setting of zimbraMobileForceSamsungProtocol25 is currently not supported via the Admin Console web-UI.

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One Response to How to fix Samsung Phones not being able to send mail (ActiveSync)

  1. Bastien April 22, 2024 at 2:27 AM #


    Are there any plans to fix support for recent versions of EAS on Samsung mobiles in the future? EAS 2.5 has very limited policies.

    Samsung phones with the Samsung Email application work fine on more recent versions of EAS with other solutions such as Z-Push, so I think it’s a Zimbra issue and not a Samsung phone/application issue.

    Thanks for your reply.

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