Did You Know? Zimbra Desktop Security Features!

Did you know that the latest version of Zimbra Desktop, v 7.2.8, has two new security features?
– Password Lock
– Two-Factor Authentication

Now your Zimbra data is even safer!

Password Lock
To enable the Password Lock feature in Zimbra Desktop:
1. Click the Preferences tab.
2. Click General.

Zimbra Desktop Password Lock

3. Scroll down to the Password Lock option, and click Enable Password Lock.

Zimbra Desktop Password Lock

4. Click Save to save the change.

A lock icon is displayed in the header. Click the lock icon to password lock Zimbra Desktop, or you can close Zimbra Desktop, and you will be prompted for your Zimbra Desktop password to login again.

Zimbra Desktop Password Lock

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Before you can enable 2FA on Zimbra Desktop, it must be enabled in your Zimbra Web Client account.

Zimbra Two-Factor authentication requires an upgrade of your Network Edition License Key, which is free of charge if you have a valid License. Contact your regional sales manager, and click here for more information.

When you try to add an account that is already protected with Zimbra 2FA, or if you enable 2FA in the Zimbra Web Client and later open that account in Zimbra Desktop, you will be prompted for a code.

Zimbra Desktop 2FA Setup

Enter the code from your smartphone, and click Save.

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