Did You Know: The WebEx Zimlet

Last week, I introduced Zimlets: magical pieces of code within Zimbra that make both the Zimbra Web Client and the Zimbra Desktop easier to use. A Zimlet can also be used to integrate Zimbra with other third-party information systems used by your organization, such as WebEx and SalesForce.

This week, we will take a look at a Zimlet that integrates Zimbra with the third-party information system WebEx.

If your organization uses WebEx, you will probably have the WebEx Zimlet. To see if you do, scroll down to the bottom of your navigation pane, as shown below. If you see WebEx, you have the Zimlet.

WebEx in nav panel_2015 Oct 12

You can use the WebEx Zimlet as a short cut to do several things.

1. You can drag an email and drop it onto the WebEx Zimlet in the navigation pane to start an instant WebEx meeting. Everyone addressed in the To and Cc fields of the email will automatically receive an invitation to the WebEx meeting.

2. You can automatically create a WebEx meeting while creating a Zimbra meeting, and the WebEx details will be added to the Notes area of the meeting invitation. This saves you the extra steps of navigating to WebEx, creating the meeting, and pasting the meeting information into the invitation.

There are a few steps required to activate the Zimlet.

1. Right-click the WebEx Zimlet and select Manage Accounts.

WebEx in nav panel right click_2015 Oct 12

2. Complete your WebEx account information in the Manage Accounts dialog box.

WebEx Manage Accounts dialog_2015 Oct 12

Now you can:

1. Drag any email and drop it onto the WebEx Zimlet in the navigation pane to start an instant WebEx meeting. Everyone addressed in the email will automatically receive an invitation to join the WebEx meeting.

2. Add a WebEx meeting when creating a meeting in Zimbra using the WebEx menu in the Appointment tab.

WebEx menu in Appointment tab_2015 Oct 12

For more information about Zimlets, visit zimbra.org. Here you will find a list of all Zimlets available along with a description of the Zimlet.


One Response to Did You Know: The WebEx Zimlet

  1. Thibaut Brejon October 28, 2015 at 9:15 AM #

    Hi Gayle,

    Unless I am mistaken the Webex zimlet is not working with the latest Zimbra version (https://www.zimbra.org/extend/items/view/webex). If you have any update of the zimlet, I will be happy to use it and advertise it to my clients.

    Thank you,

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