Zimbra Customers Named Finalists for Next Generation Customer Experience Award

By | September 23, 2014
So often, corporate blogs post about themselves, market trends, products and other assorted topics. What is often forgotten, unfortunately, is the one topic that matters the most, customers. A company’s journey to serve customers can easily be derailed by other areas of interest, but customers come first, period. And, as Zimbra’s CEO Patrick Brandt said earlier today, “we take exceptional pride when our customers are successful, and feel privileged to contribute to their efforts. This recognition of Dell and Rackspace by Constellation Research speaks volumes about how leading brands are those that act as change agents for the benefit of their customers.” Dell and Rackspace epitomize “leading brand” with their unique external communities. Dell has Toad World for its Toad database solutions, and Rackspace is driving youth education with a program called Open Cloud Academy. A great article by Entrepreneur references Seth Godin’s definition of brand, "the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another.… Read more »

Sheela Foam Turns to Zimbra to Build Futuristic Collaboration Platform

By | September 20, 2013
Sheela Foam Pvt. Ltd. is India’s largest mattress manufacturer and is ranked among the top five manufacturers of Slabstock P.U. Foam in South East Asia. They have 11 manufacturing units using state-of-the-art technology across India and five manufacturing units in Australia. They serve a wide spectrum of customers through an efficient distribution network of over 100 distributors and 4500 dealers. Sheela Foam’s products include Sleepwell in India and Joyce in Australia.… Read more »

Kinsale Insurance Maintains Business-Critical Email Communications with Zimbra

By | June 27, 2013
Kinsale is an insurance provider specializing in “hard to place” small to medium sized commercial accounts for property, casualty and specialty policies. With an increasing amount of the company's business transacted via email, they needed to choose a reliable system with rich features that would support the staff's revenue-generating efforts. Kinsale needed Zimbra. The Challenge “In the last few years, I have seen the insurance industry move to email-based communication versus telephone, postal mail or fax,” says Alex Albro, Network Team Lead at Kinsale Insurance. “We do 95% of our business through email. The money comes in through email now, so if we were down for 15 minutes, that could translate to millions of dollars. Email is business-critical. It is our lifeline.… Read more »

Logix Boosts Revenue by 30 Percent with Zimbra

By | May 29, 2013
Logix InfoSecurity specializes in email hosting and web-based communications, serving more than 800 customers across India. To keep up with an evolving market that was significantly impacted by a sharp rise in smartphone adoption, Logix needed a new, dynamic and feature-rich platform that could meet customer demands. Zimbra was the answer. The Challenge Before using Zimbra, Logix had built its position as a leading hosted email service on a customized homegrown email solution. In recent years, as smartphone adoption grew exponentially in India, users demanded integration between smartphones with email. Logix realized this was an opportunity to grow its customer base. The homegrown Logix solution, based only on POP and IMAP, was not capable of handling the market's demands, however. Logix needed to deploy an email solution that provided true synchronization between a smartphone and the user's mailbox, contacts and calendars – which the previous system could not do.… Read more »

Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama Keeps Faculty, Staff and Students Connected with Zimbra

By | March 19, 2013
Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama (DSTY) is the oldest German school in East Asia, founded in 1904. The school offers education from Kindergarten to High School for German-speaking students in the Tokyo area. Communication between the school's 63 faculty and staff members, as well as with students – enabled by Zimbra – proves to be a key capability for the school's normal daily operation, as well as during one of the most devastating natural disasters to hit Japan. The Challenge Prior to Zimbra, DSTY used another Windows-based e-mail system, which provided messaging ability, and some basic calendar functionality, but it did not have any sharing capability between the two, and did not offer a shared repository for data such as Zimbra Briefcase. “One of the challenges we had was sharing calendars for booking rooms, and finding out when people are available,” recalls John Munro, IT Administrator at DSTY. “We set up a shared calendar resource through Microsoft Outlook with a third-party solution. It was not built into the messaging, and required manual installation on each client and a lot of attention.” “The system was not reliable, and was not always available” he adds.… Read more »

XMission Meets Market Demand and Generates More Revenue with Zimbra

By | March 5, 2013
Utah's first ISP, XMission has grown into a leading provider of hosted services to customers in Utah and around the globe. Today, XMission offers Unified Email & Collaboration, a secure, hosted communication service built on VMWare Zimbra Collaboration Suite, that provides email, remote storage, calendaring, collaboration, and task management, all in one economical solution. The Challenge As a hosting provider, XMission started out offering email-only solutions to customers. The company soon realized this was not sufficient. XMission's email customers were managing third-party applications for contacts, and maintaining separate calendaring applications, and they had to support each of these applications themselves. XMission saw those customers really needed a whole communications suite, rather than having to maintain multiple, siloed tools. “We try to be proactive on the services that we offer, and we realized email alone is simply not enough,” explains John Webster, XMission VP of Business Development and Zimbra Product Manager.… Read more »