“What’s not to love about Zimbra?” Zimbra BSP Video Case Study from Cloudmatika

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We are excited to bring you a whole new look at Zimbra … video case studies from Zimbra BSPs from around the world! Today’s is from Jason Frisch, CEO of Cloudmatika in Indonesia. Mr. Frisch says …

“What’s not to love about Zimbra? It’s the de facto standard of hosted email the Indonesian market.”

“Zimbra provides peace of mind. We have 100% uptime. Our email is always working.” Mr. Jason Frisch, CEO of Cloudmatika

What does Cloudmatika love about Zimbra?

  • Anti-spam integrations. “It’s very, very accurate,” said Mr. Frisch.
  • Multi-server architecture. There is no single point of failure. “We have 100% uptime. Our email is always working.”
  • Easy to deploy. “There is not a lot of technical knowledge required to install and configure the platform.”
  • Multi-domain support. Cloudmatika doesn’t need a dedicated installation for each customer. They use a shared platform internally as well. “We have multiple brands, and separating them on the Zimbra platform is simple. This lowers our running costs.”

Why do their customers love Zimbra?

  • Reputation. “It’s the de facto standard of hosted email in the Indonesian market in particular.”
  • Data sovereignty. “We provide an in-country, locally hosted solution. Most major email players don’t offer this.”
  • Affordability. “Costs signi cantly less per seat than other solutions.”
  • Ease of use. “It’s very intuitive. Once they’re in, they know everything. That saves us money because we don’t have to provide a lot of training on how to use the system. That can be quite dif cult on other systems.“
  • High level of security and 99.99% uptime. “Zimbra provides peace of mind.”

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