“100% data sovereignty for security, privacy and peace of mind” – Zimbra BSP Video Case Study from Lintasarta

Hello Zimbra Partners, Customers & Friends,

We’ve had a lot of fun chatting with Zimbra BSP Partners around the world. This week, we’d like you to meet Mr. Luky Kurniawan, VP of Lintasarta. You can watch this one (about 4 minutes) in English or Indonesian.

“By running Zimbra in our own data center, we can offer our Indonesian customers 100% data sovereignty for security, privacy and peace of mind.”

Lintasarta is a major ISP in Indonesia, serving ~2,500 enterprise customers. In business since 1990, they have been a Zimbra BSP and VAR Partner since 2014.

Why Zimbra?

Lintasarta offers Zimbra to their customers for several reasons …

  • Zimbra has a unique position in the market, especially with the difficulties caused by the pandemic and COVID-19.
  • Zimbra provides a broad range of open source options, so customers can explore Zimbra before subscribing with Lintasarta. “Other email and collaboration vendors don’t offer this capability,” says Mr. Kurniawan.
  • Data sovereignty, a must in Lintasarta’s market where security is a paramount issue.

Mr. Kurniawan says, “Zimbra is evolving rapidly from email to a comprehensive collaboration solution, and Zimbra’s competitive advantage is flexibility. Customers can choose from an on-premises solution or a cloud hosted solution, and both deliver the same user experience.”

Lintasarta offers a mix & match Zimbra solution, depending on the customers’ needs. There is a basic solution and a more complex offering. And it’s easy for customers to migrate from other solutions to Zimbra, providing a key sales advantage.

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