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Did You Know? Sorting Email in Zimbra

Did you know that you can easily sort email in Zimbra? When your reading pane is on the bottom, simply click a column header to sort by that category. By default, email is sorted chronologically by date received. To sort alphabetically by Subject, click the Subject column header. When your reading pane is on the […]

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Did You Know? Collaborating with the Zimbra Briefcase

Did you know that you can collaborate with co-workers using the Zimbra briefcase? Simply share a briefcase folder, and members of your project team can: Upload files Download files Check files in/out Manage versions of files Checking Files In/Out  Project team members can collaborate on files by checking a file out, making edits as needed, and checking […]

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Did You Know? Create a Zimbra Document

Did you know that you can create a Zimbra document in the briefcase? Zimbra documents are created in Zimbra, without the need for any other word processing software. They are saved to your Zimbra briefcase, and you can open and edit them any time you are logged into your account. To create a document: Click […]

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Did You Know? Using the Briefcase

Did you know that you can use the Zimbra briefcase to: Save/Upload files to your Zimbra account, so you can access these files anytime you log in. Share files with co-workers for collaboration. Create Zimbra documents without the need for any other word processing software.   You can create multiple briefcase folders and upload any type […]

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Register Now: Upcoming Zimbra Training

Register now for these Zimbra Collaboration Training Courses: Zimbra Collaboration System Administration From basic administration tasks through migration and troubleshooting, the Zimbra Collaboration System Administration course provides the information you need to improve and streamline your Zimbra Collaboration deployment. You will also learn best practices and methodologies to improve and enhance how you administer Zimbra […]

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