Thoughts on Office 2.0 (Reprise)

(FYI: I’ve made some enhancements/corrections based on Zimbra’s participation at the Office 2.0 Conference; pointer below. May or may not be worth a quick reread.) Yes, the “2.0” hype is getting out of hand. However, just as with Web 2.0, the technology evolution we are participating in is sufficent to at least justify the discussion. […]

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Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.0 Webinar

Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.0 Webinar When: Thurs, October 5th at 10am PST. Length: 60 minutes. Subject: Modern Collaboration with Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) 4.0 Overview: Fueled by demand for better productivity, the web is exploding as the primary communication medium for the modern organization. ZCS leads the way, providing powerful next-generation messaging and collaboration. Join […]

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Look Ma, No Mouse: Keyboard Navigation and Shortcuts in the Zimbra Collaboration Suite and The Kabuki Ajax Toolkit

Keyboard shortcuts and navigation are indispensable time savers for an application’s frequent and power users. Who among us has not quickly learned the keyboard shortcuts for performing common tasks within an application that we use regularly? Unfortunately, one of the more common complaints against web-based applications is that they are, in many instances, lacking when […]

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Securing Ajax

To continue the Zimbra blog series on Ajax (recent entries include Ajax innovation is about the server, Ajax optimization techniques (presented at OSCON), OpenAjax update, and Ajax’s impact on scaling), we wanted to offer some general thoughts on securing Ajax applications gleaned, of course, from our Zimbra experience. (more…)

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Some thoughts on Mobility and Web 2.0

I had the pleasure of joining Motorola, SugarCRM, and Funambol on a panel at LinuxWorld regarding the future of mobility. The depressing bit was that we panelists admitted that we could have made almost identical points three years ago: (1) the Web (1.0 more than 2.0) is coming soon to mobile devices, but the experience […]

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