We Call It ZMail

Face it: We all have at least 3 different e-mail accounts. For me, I’ve got Hotmail(live), GMail(beta), Yahoo(beta), work, and my personal account. Each of those services have their own distinct look. So, we decided to have fun with one of them.

Imagine if this service [we’ll just call them "BMail"] ran on a Zimbra Server. You’d have our upcoming chat feature, searching within attachments, archiving & discovery, tasks, documents, and mobile sync. . . not to mention:
you’d own the server. It’s like "BMail++".

So. . .what would a "BMail" on a Zimbra server look like? That’s a question that Roland and Parag have answered for us. They have written a skin for the lite-html client that. .well. . looks like and acts like "BMail". (Click for a larger image)

We call it ZMail. We’ll never release this skin publicly because we’re just messin around. It’s also not for sale.

We wanted to show off what someone can do on a couple weekends. You can customize Zimbra however you want with a skin.

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