New Research Shows Email’s Growing Business Role

By | May 7, 2013
It's easy to talk about how new communication channels will marginalize email – even in the business world. Yet simply checking your inbox on a Monday morning, it's obvious that email is not dead and plays and important role in communication. Osterman Research recently published a survey of corporate email users on their use of email. The results show that email is still a critical part of the work environment for many people. We’re not cutting back on email at work Despite social media channels and other means of communications, we still rely on email at work.  90 percent of the survey respondents use email as much or more today than a year ago:   Source:… Read more »


Zimbra (JudasPriest) Release Update 1

By | April 5, 2013
As promised here’s an update on a few of the major projects we are working on for the JudasPriest release of Zimbra. Overall, our goal for the release is to innovate around our web app using HTML5 capabilities that run on any desktop, tablet, and mobile device while providing support for native clients using sync protocols. Here’s what we’re working on. HTML5 Offline Web App With our mission to drive advancements in Zimbra into the browser as our primary client experience, so goes Zimbra Desktop. ZD was essentially an offline HTML experience using SQL lite to store data, Jetty to serve our web app locally, and Prism (Firefox) to render the client UI. HTML5 enables us to cache our web app in local storage and provide SQL services, via IndexedDB embedded within Chrome, IE, and FireFox, to store and retrieve a local cache of your mailbox data. Initially we will support mail, calendar, and contacts and we’re taking the approach of syncing your current working set of data up to 30 days similar to a mobile experience where you typically don’t sync your entire 30GB mailbox. For those that must have their entire 30GB mailbox locally with them at all times, we are continuing to make advancements in the sync protocols and Desktop clients we support…keep reading.… Read more »


mxHero: Zimbra Server Provider Edition

By | February 7, 2013
mxHero, the open source email enhancement platform, has just released a Zimbra specific edition designed to meet the needs of service providers. Released as, "mxHero: Zimbra Service Provider Edition", the platform aims to assist providers in increasing revenues and reducing costs. Inova Tecnologias, a leading Latin American Zimbra service provider, attributes 35% of its Zimbra growth to the addition of mxHero in its service portfolio. Inova deployed mxHero last year and offers mxHero value added services, such as, Hero Attach, which allows clients to send 200Mb or larger emails to anyone, to attract additional business. mxHero's rich layer of value added capabilities, brings to Inova's Zimbra business a competitive differential that has helped it win business from Gmail and other competitors. "mxHero has really been an ace up the sleeve in our sales negotiations", says Marcelo Correa, Inova CEO. "We use it regularly to tip the balance in our favor, whether to keep out competitors or to preserve our price point.… Read more »

Zimbra after

Zimbra 8 User Interface: The Changes That You Don’t See

By | September 17, 2012
Zimbra users will notice major changes to the user interface in Zimbra 8. What you cannot see is the 'behind the scenes' work that went into those changes.  Zimbra 8 reflects process and methodology changes that will improve the user experience not only in Zimbra 8 but all releases moving forward.   Usability doesn't just happen Until now, the Zimbra user interface has been an organic byproduct of how features were added.  And as each new version added more great features, the user interface started to become cluttered. Simplicity is hard to add incrementally. But starting with Zimbra 8, a dedicated user experience team has focused on the user experience.… Read more »


Announcing The General Availability of Zimbra 8

By | September 13, 2012
It’s my pleasure to announce that today Zimbra 8 is now available to the public! With the release of Zimbra 8, VMware takes another step forward in providing users and IT organizations with a new way to collaborate in a post-PC world. Based on feedback from our customers, the goals of Zimbra 8 were to invest in unified communications, to deliver on the simplicity of the private and public cloud and to continue to make the user experience easier to access while on the go.  Zimbra 8 was a community effort and the VMware team thanks all of our customers and partners for their input and help over the last 2 years of planning and execution. New to Zimbra 8.0, VMware has partnered with Cisco and Mitel to offer unified communications capabilities embedded within Zimbra. These deep integration capabilities allow users to connect their voice and message systems in a unified inbox, enabling Click2Call, voicemail, presence, and chat all from within the Zimbra Web app. Zimbra 8.… Read more »

It’s VMworld 2012 Time.

By | August 17, 2012
Join Zimbra this year at VMworld 2012, one of the top IT and tech conferences in world. Some of the world’s best and brightest cloud experts are coming together to bring you 100s of world-class breakout sessions. They will walk you through not only how to turn THE cloud into YOUR cloud, but also how you can implement Zimbra as a private cloud solutions. But if you want more on Zimbra feel free to meet up with us at our booth, or join the conversation on VMworld’s very own community built on Socialcast. VMworld 2012 will surely be 4 days that you won’t soon forget, and we’re looking forward to meeting all of you in person! Here’s a little teaser from VMworld 2011 for everyone that wasn’t fortunate enough to attend. http://www.… Read more »