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Zimbra, MPL, and the GPL

This blog entry has been burning a hole in my pocket for a few weeks, but it’s on the more esoteric topic of open source licensing, so those looking for exciting new tech ought to instead check our Ross’ blog on ALE (Ajax Linking & Embedding). As most of probably already know, Zimbra chose the […]

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The Next, Next Net 25?

Zimbra had the good fortune to get tapped for Business 2.0’s Next Net 25 and last week had the chance to go hang out with the Business 2.0 gurus—Erick Schonfeld, Om Malik, and Michael Copeland—as well as with most of the our fellow entrepreneurs that made the cut. While it was a tough group to […]

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Convergence in "on-line" and archived email?

The email archiving market is growing explosively with the proliferation of retention and compliance policies (often motivated by the increased regulatory overhead of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), and so on). While email archiving is frequently grouped with more general-purpose archiving and data warehousing solutions designed for files […]

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Email via SaaS (Software as a Service)?

There is a healthy, ongoing debate—for example, check out Phil Wainewright’s ZDNet blog or our own prior efforts—over whether email (and associated functions like group calendaring, contact management, enterprise IM and so on) should be delivered via (1) On-premises software that you configure and manage yourself; (2) Outsourcing to dedicated service providers (e.g., EDS, IBM […]

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Ajax Design Center

As it is realized within Zimbra and most other Ajax applications today, development is accomplished via GUI, object-oriented programming in Javascript. (Please see Ajax Programming Report Card and Ajax Sweet Spots.) This is the sort of work that developers with Java SWT, Java Swing, or C# skills will accel in at, but also the sort […]

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