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Defining Web 2.0 (Reprise)

(Caveat: this is indeed a retread, but the original content has been sufficiently revised that I’m electing to republish.) While most of the Web 2.0 focus has been on the consumer (Zimbra being a notable exception), I visited a large corporation (call it Acme) that was working on their response to these new technologies and […]

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Open source and Unreliability?

Statements to the effect that “open source software is unreliable” are disingenuous. With 120,000 software projects on SourceForge, it is pretty silly to make any generalizations about open source quality. One might just as well say that “all proprietary software is reliable,” although experience easily dismisses any such misconception. The reality is that most software […]

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OpenAjax Update

So the OpenAjax Alliance had its first face-to-face summit this week in San Francisco. Up until now, IBM’s tireless shuttle diplomacy has been the primary mover, but no doubt it’s going to get tougher to herd the cats with them all in one room :-). As someone who had the good fortune to be there […]

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Scaling up Zimbra

We are now working with some of the Zimbra early adopters on larger-scale deployments, including enduser deployments upwards of 100 thousand mailboxes, and hosted/internet service provider deployments north of 1 million mailboxes. In general, the individual (per mailbox) profiles tends to be on the smaller side (typically, <100 messages/day, <200Mb average mailbox size), but the […]

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