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The Merge of SaaS and Open Source

Software as a Service (SaaS) is often seen as an alternative model to Open Source Software (OSS) for the delivery of next-generation software. However, we argue below that SaaS and OSS are independent and even complementary paradigms. Nevertheless, with few exceptions (e.g., SugarCRM), software startups do not pursue both approaches because building out an open […]

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Mashup best practices?

Last week IBM hosted an exploratory summit on mashups, modeled (I think) on our early brainstorming sessions that lead to the formation of the OpenAjax Alliance. Zimbra was thrilled to get the opportunity to join in and share some of our lessons learned in Ajax “mashing” the past couple of years. (As usual in these […]

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Top 150 I-Technology heroes and their teams

A couple of buddies pointed me toward Sys-Con Media’s Top 150 Information Technology Heroes, and I have to admit it was fun (once you click past the obstructing ad anyway). While my first reaction was to want to point out omissions (see below), what’s not to like about a list that mixes Dennis Ritchie, Luca […]

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Thoughts on Office 2.0 (Reprise)

(FYI: I’ve made some enhancements/corrections based on Zimbra’s participation at the Office 2.0 Conference; pointer below. May or may not be worth a quick reread.) Yes, the “2.0” hype is getting out of hand. However, just as with Web 2.0, the technology evolution we are participating in is sufficent to at least justify the discussion. […]

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