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Dislocators for Email, Messaging, and Collaboration

To enter a mature market, start-ups need there to be dislocators or “sea changes” in technology or business model or, better yet, both. For example, WebLogic (my last time around the block) benefited from three technology dislocators and one business model dislocator: (1) The emergence of the Web, and the associated requirement to deliver Web-enabled […]

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Ajax sweet spots

Ajax hype is in full swing. Ajax may be the most promising “new” UI technology since HTML (Ajax programming report card discusses why), but there are now discussions of whether and when Ajax is going to displace Windows and Office. Over the top I think. At the same time, there is a very compelling case […]

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Email sucks. Let's make it better.

One question I’m answering a lot these days is “Why Email?” In my prior life (CTO of WebLogic/BEA Systems) I was chained to my email for a minimum of 3-4 hours per day. Even while traveling to Asia or Europe, my admin. had to carve out an additional 2.5 hours of time from every meeting […]

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Hosting versus On-premises deployment?

We are frequently asked whether or not you should choose a hosted deployment for Zimbra. Since we have strategic partners offering Zimbra as a hosted service (or at least we will with our generally-available release), we do endeavor to be unbiased in advising you on the hosted versus on-premises decision. Dean Jacobs (one of the […]

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So what's a Zimbra?

We have been quite happy with the response thus far to the name Zimbra. Hopefully, Zimbra is growing on you the same way it’s been growing on us. The name Zimbra comes to us from Talking Heads’ (our choice for best band of the 80s) tune “I Zimbra“, which can be found on Fear of […]

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