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Yahoo! Acquires Zimbra

We are excited to announce today that Yahoo! is acquiring Zimbra to extend its email leadership to the University, Business and ISP markets. In order to focus on this effort, the Zimbra team will report to the communications group where we will remain fully committed to the community and to our customers and partners while […]

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Comcast + Zimbra = Future of Unified Messaging

Word is out that Zimbra and Comcast have teamed up; we just wanted to confirm it’s true! We’re excited to be working with Comcast – the largest domestic broadband cable provider. We love and share their integrated communications vision. Taking Comcast Triple Play to the web is the right strategy and will give consumers an […]

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Zimbra Assistant

One interesting little feature that we have in the 3.2 release is the Zimbra Assistant. This comes up by hitting the “~” tilde key in message or conversation view. This allows you to quickly add a calendar appointment, a contact to your addressbook, send a quick message or interact with a zimlet. The Assistant autocompletes […]

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Zimbra Mobile

Been having so much fun around here for the last 4 months with mobile devices and couldn’t wait for 3.2 beta 2 to hit the site so we can show it off. Here are some of the phones that work natively with the Zimbra backend. When we, at Zimbra, talk about natively we are talking […]

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Also, wrt Kevin’s post on themes there was a comment suggesting a green #ACE149 skin – we wrote one for fun – we call it “Froggy” and its my favorite. There are 9 others if that doesn’t tickle your fancy… here is froggy…

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