Right click and REST

Rolands original post about REST and its follow on suggested that we are doing some work to expose the REST URL via the UI. The 3.2 beta release that we posted last week has some of it exposed. For example, one could right click on any folder in the contacts, calendar or documents application (more on this later) and see properties of the folder. The REST url for the folder is published here. With documents, we have exposed a new sharing model – you can share your document with everyone on the internet, people in your domain, groups in your domain or even external people guarded by an email and a password. In the case where you share within your domain to a set of people or an alias, an email is sent to the people or the group with the REST URL and they can accept the share. In the case, its an external email address guarded with a password, the REST URL is mailed to them (including their password). They can visit the URL, type the user/pass and view the HTML version of the document. And if the sharing mode is truly public, anyone can visit the URL and see the html version of the document. Goodbye PDF – HTML is a truly great read-only format.

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