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Been having so much fun around here for the last 4 months with mobile devices and couldn’t wait for 3.2 beta 2 to hit the site so we can show it off. Here are some of the phones that work natively with the Zimbra backend. When we, at Zimbra, talk about natively we are talking about no hidden costs, no 3rd party software to pay for and manage (most of our competition require both 3rd party clients and 3rd party servers with separate licensing) to make these phones work over the air. We do not require any new software – neither on the device nor a new server – to make these devices sync over the air with Zimbra. Roland who has a Nokia E62 thinks its the best phone in the market. He, Marc and Kevin all bought the E62 – a few of us – bought the Motorola Q instead. The Q is lighter and smaller and runs windows – the NOKs run symbian and are definitely superior when it comes to web browsing. I used to have a Treo 700w and upgraded it to the Q. The 700w is a very crappy device compared to the beauty that is the Q. I used to have to reboot the Treo 700w once a day – it would get stuck. The Q has solved those issues and I no longer have the dreaded windoze blue screen of death. I worked at Openwave where we had access to state of the art devices – I have to say that the Q (also called Razrberry) definitely ranks as the best device I have owned so far. It really gives Blackberry a run for its money … Talking of which we sync with the Blackberry as well. Its the only device that we require a 3rd party server for. With all of these devices, employees of Zimbra have had great success syncing mail, contacts and calendar in the last quarter and now everyone can finally use it. BTW – we also do support MAC iSync – so just in case you have an ipod or a ipod phone – we can sync with those too … Here is a sampling of devices that you could go buy off the shelf and expect calendar, mail and contacts to sync over the air with Zimbra …

e62.jpg q.jpg
700p.jpg 700w.jpg

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