Comcast + Zimbra = Future of Unified Messaging

Word is out that Zimbra and Comcast have teamed up; we just wanted to confirm it’s true! We’re excited to be working with Comcast – the largest domestic broadband cable provider. We love and share their integrated communications vision. Taking Comcast Triple Play to the web is the right strategy and will give consumers an easy way to manage their communications needs from one portal.

It’s still early, so we can’t provide a lot of detail yet. What we can say: this will be the first elegant, unified communications app for consumers to hit the web (check out the screenshots below). It’s simple to use, built on our AJAX platform, and consolidates everything – email, IM, voice mail, smart address book, and even RSS feeds.

For Zimbra, this is important on many levels. Many consumers have seen the Zimbra demo and asked us how they could get their own personal Zimbra mailbox. This gives consumers access to the Zimbra innovations and we are really excited about that. Secondly, we are really proud that we earned our stripes by proving server scale.

So what does this mean for the future? Zimbra users should be excited because this offering continues to build and grow our vision. There’s broad applicability of integrated services to all our customers in the enterprise, education, and service provider segments. Stay tuned!

Click Home Image for Larger View
SmartZone Home by Zimbra
Click Email Image for Larger View
SmartZone Email by Zimbra
Click Address Book Image for Larger View
SmartZone Address Book by Zimbra
Click Voice Mail Image for Larger View
SmartZone Voice Mail by Zimbra

2 Responses to Comcast + Zimbra = Future of Unified Messaging

  1. Kane August 6, 2010 at 6:23 PM #

    Congratulations on this!

    Is there a case study of the implementation available for interested parties ?



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