Security – Check out Email Threat Checklist + Introducing… Janusmail

Hello Zimbra Customers, Partners and Friends,

We all know about spam, viruses, malware and other threats to email security. We teach our Zimbra users how to best protect themselves from these threats. Our Zimbra admins optimize anti-spam and anti-virus tools. The Zimbra Product Team builds in as much AS/AV protection as possible.

But the threats keep evolving, changing, becoming more sophisticated. How can we keep our email data safe?

The Zimbra Team created an Email Threat Checklist that you can share with your Zimbra users. Your users should already know most of this info, but a reminder is always good.


To take further precautions against spam and viruses, Zimbra Partner BLS Consulting has a new Zimbra integration you may be interested in. Janusmail is a Zimbra integration that improves anti-spam and anti-virus controls and allows users to filter email after it’s delivered. Janusmail also has a Zimlet for email admins.

Introducing Janusmail

Janusmail is an advanced anti-spam and anti-virus system that protects your company from the latest email threats and problems that slow down productivity. The Janusmail email security system is designed specifically for Service Providers. Here are some interesting statistics …

  • Janusmail has a spam catch rate of over 99.9%.
  • Their branded, automatic whitelist system guarantees a false positive rate close to zero (under 0.0001%).
  • It’s a self-learning system – users can signal spam emails that passed filters, and Janusmail will “learn” to better identify spam. This extends to newsletters. Only whitelisted newsletters make it through Janusmail’s filters.

Janusmail’s Admin Experience

Janusmail has a simple and intuitive management console where admins can:

  • Obtain detailed reports on email with the path, reason for a block and successful delivery info
  • Request unblocking or whitelisting of senders
  • Manage user emails and independently download detailed email logs
  • Set Delayed Mail to postpone checks for dubious emails, so antivirus and blacklists can update themselves

Janusmail’s Zimbra Integration

The Zimbra Advanced Module provides:

  • Dashboard access in Zimbra Webmail
  • Post delivery threat removal
  • Zimbra Log integration
  • Email removal from inbox based on administrative rules
  • Violated mailboxes identification and block

For more information about Janusmail, including more technical features, visit

Thanks from …

Your Zimbra Team

2 Responses to Security – Check out Email Threat Checklist + Introducing… Janusmail

  1. KH April 13, 2021 at 4:01 PM #

    My Italian is a bit non-extant. Is Janusmail available in English?

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