Zimbra Daffodil 10.1 – Prepare for upgrade

Thanks to the incredible support and feedback from the community, the much-anticipated update is almost ready!

We will be releasing Zimbra Daffodil 10.1 in the coming days.

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Preparing for your upgrade

In addition to the new features in an earlier blog post, here is some additional information to consider.

  1. Zimbra New Licensing System

  2. Attention! Zimbra Chat and Video users

  3.  Product Lifecycle 


(1) Zimbra New Licensing System 

  • No more having to deal with multiple licenses
  • No more worrying about activation limits
  • Allows you to focus on what truly matters (team collaboration)

License management on your (administrator’s) end is much simpler now when you get a license that includes all the necessary features.

(1a) The legacy license will not be supported post-upgrade.

The new alphanumeric key, consisting of 18-26 characters, is now necessary to replace the previous license.xml file. Zimbra Daffodil (v10.1) will not support legacy license (license.xml).

(1b) Before attempting to upgrade

Please see the release notes related to Zimbra Licensing

This information will be merged into the publicly available admin guides. If you plan to bookmark these links, please be sure to check back the blog for updates.

(2) ! Important: Zimbra Daffodil (V10.1) License Support

If you are looking to upgrade, you will not be able to proceed without a new Zimbra Daffodil V10.1 license key. It is mandatory to obtain a new license key to run the software.

Reach out to Zimbra Support to migrate your old license to Zimbra Daffodil (v10.1)

To better serve you and ensure that licensing requests are prioritized, a dedicated license request support schedule will be implemented in the coming weeks. Here is the schedule

[Schedule has been updated on July 12] This dedicated schedule will help us process your license request faster.


(2) Attention! Zimbra Chat and Video users

The following versions of Zimbra Chat and Video will NOT be supported on the newly released Zimbra Daffodil V10.1

  • Zimbra SaaS Chat and Video
  • Zimbra Connect
  • Zimbra Talk

Instead, a robust on-premises version of Zimbra Chat and Video will soon be released as a fast follower to the Zimbra Daffodil V10.1 release. Along with this new version, we will also release a migration utility to help migrate all your chats from the above-mentioned older versions.

We advise customers to wait until the new on-premises version of Zimbra Chat and Video is released.

More information will be released in the following weeks.


(3) Product Lifecycle

Beginning with the release of Zimbra Daffodil (Ver.10), Zimbra has formalized a three-year general support period for major releases.

Existing Zimbra 9 customers will have until the end of 2024 to upgrade to the new version (Daffodil v10).

More about Product Lifecycle.


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  1. Khandakar Amir Faisal July 11, 2024 at 5:19 AM #

    When Upgrade from Zimbra to 10.1, any other module or service need to add/install/upgrade or remove required to get ready Zimbra 10.1 to support the new on-premises version of Zimbra Chat and Video?

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