Zimbra Now with TLS 1.3 Support!

Hello Zimbra Partners, Customers & Friends,
In the latest Zimbra patch, Zimbra 9.0.0 “Kepler” Patch 13 and 8.8.15 “James Prescott Joule” Patch 20, the following packages are now GA:
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1h support for TLS 1.3.
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1h with FIPS module support.
  • Postfix 3.5.6 support for TLSv1.3
  • Nginx 1.19.0 support for TLSv1.3

Why is this important for you?

TLS 1.3 is a new encryption protocol update that is both faster (reducing HTTPS overhead) and more secure than TLS 1.2. TLS 1.3 removes obsolete and insecure features from TLS 1.2.
TLS is Transport Layer Security, the successor to SSL (secure sockets layer), providing secure communication between web browsers and servers. For more information on TLS 1.3, visit this blog.
If you have any questions, please send an email to zimbra-team@zimbra.com.
Thank you,
Your Zimbra Team

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3 Responses to Zimbra Now with TLS 1.3 Support!

  1. David Killingsworth April 8, 2021 at 4:42 AM #

    This is great, but are there any instructions on anything we need to do to disable TLS 1.1 or 1.2 or how this might affect email clients, mobile devices, etc.

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