Zimbra Talk – An overview to All Team Communication in One Place – Webinars in your Language!

With our recent announcement of the latest release of Zimbra Talk v2.3, we are promoting a series of webinars. These webinars are in your language, so you can join us and learn much more about how Zimbra Talk can reduce the complexity of your Corporate Communications.

Zimbra Talk allows you to host XMPP-based live chats, WebRTC videoconferences and audio conversations right within Zimbra – all without any additional software.

Join us to some of our series of 45 minutes webinars in your own language:

Lanuage Date Time Link
Spanish November 30th  2pm (Spain time)  Register here
 English  December 1st  9am (San Francisco time)  Register here
 German  December 2nd  11am (Germany time)  Register here
 Italian  December 6th  11am (Italy time)  Register here
 French  December 6th  2pm (France time)  Register here

Zimbra Talk Banner Webinars

We look forward to seeing you at the webinars.

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