Announcing: Zimbra Talk v2.3 — a huge step for Secure and Private video conferencing

Our vision for Enterprise Collaboration remains clear: it should be Open, Private and Secure. At Zimbra, these principles are in our DNA, for both Zimbra Collaboration and Zimbra Talk.

In March we announced Zimbra Talk, our chat, videoconferencing and screen-sharing product that extends Zimbra Collaboration capabilities.

We live in the days where every single work-related communication should be lightning fast but always protected by privacy and security. Zimbra Talk delivers the best combination of integrated chat, videoconferencing and screen-sharing without moving away from the web browser or from the Zimbra Web client, for both on-premises or Cloud deployment.

What’s new in Zimbra Talk v2.3?

After our previous Release v2.2.17.2  in June 2016, we are thrilled to announce the new Zimbra Talk version. This version includes tons of changes, the most significant being the complete redesign of the Zimbra Talk UI: it now one hundred percent matches the Zimbra Web Client. Let’s take a look at each new improvement in detail:

New chat client user preferences settings

  • Set presence – from chat client preferences
  • Add user avatar / profile picture
  • User defined time zone display – takes the time zone from Zimbra user preferences

New “search contacts” tab

  • Create favorite lists – add and remove contacts from search results

New Favorite contacts tab

  • Expand or hide the members of every favorite list
  • Show offline users via checkbox

Chat window

  • Ability to send files to chat partner — new!
  • Add emoticons from gallery in chat window
  • Resize chat window in height and width by dragging the upper and left borders
  • Minimize and full-screen button added to chat window — new!

Group chat

  • Delete or keep the chat room after finishing a meeting
  • Make the chat room private only for the members
  • Rename and edit the chat room
  • Add users before creating the chat room
  • View the availability of users’ “presence” before inviting them to the chat room
  • Invite users who are offline via an email notification
  • New indicator bar on Top
    • Indicates when an invitation to a group chat is pending and prompts user to join / decline

Zimbra Talk videoconferencing

  • New indicator bar on top
    • Indicates when in active videoconference
    • Indicates when an invitation to a videoconference is pending and prompts user to join / decline
    • Button to hang up on videoconference / end conference in indicator bar
  • Prompted for display name in preview window when joining a videoconference
  • Join existing videoconference / group chat by entering the session name

Zimbra Talk v2.3 speaks your Language

New language support

  • Support for Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic and German

Back End

  • Installer now provides option to uninstall Zimbra Talk application
  • Improved support for Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Aside from prefilled contact lists defined by domain specific roster filter, new config option to let users add contacts from GAL available

Bug Fixes

  • Zimbra Talk tab now always loads during login to Zimbra Web Client
  • Stability improvements for videoconferencing
  • Fixed errors in German language support
  • Fixed displaying 404 error instead of starting a videoconference when name for new conference / chat room contains special characters


These are the biggest improvements on Zimbra Talk, and we are looking forward to having you try it free for 30-days

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