Join The Zimbra Advisory Meeting at VMworld

By | August 20, 2010
VMworld is just around the corner, and not only is it VMware's most important event of the year, it's also shaping up to be big for Zimbra too.  We will be exhibiting with our new organization for the first time, showing off the new Zimbra Appliance and talking a lot more about the future of Zimbra and VMware together. On the later point, we also want to provide an opportunity for attendees and customers in the general vicinity to hear about the Zimbra roadmap and provide us directional feedback away from the bustle of the show floor.  As such we are having an Advisory Meeting and breakfast on Wednesday September 1st.  The meeting is offsite at the W Hotel, so both show attendees and non-attendees are welcome. Topics will include ZCS 7.0 features, Zimbra Appliance and Zimbra Desktop plus a round table discussion with the Zimbra product leadership team. Date:… Read more »

Zimbra Appliance: Your Collaboration Cloud To Deploy Anywhere

By | August 10, 2010
2010 has been a busy year for the Zimbra team since we joined VMware in February.  And today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Zimbra Appliance. The Zimbra Appliance is our first major step post acquisition to integrate Zimbra and VMware products and provide a simplified IT experience for administrators and their users.  We have spent the last 5 months speaking with VMware and Zimbra customers and re-affirming their need for a simplified collaboration software stack that embraces the IT Platform of the future. The call for simplicity reflects changes in the overall IT landscape driven by the evolution of user, administrator and datacenter requirements - many of these inspired by events in the consumer market.   Whether it is the simplicity of the Amazon Kindle, the open platform of Facebook or the cross platform support of Twitter, users and administrators expect applications to be easier to use and deliver than ever before. Here is a summary of market drivers influencing the launch of Zimbra Appliance: User:… Read more »

Telenet Launches Zimbra For More Than 1.3 Million Customers

By | July 22, 2010
Telenet, one of the largest internet providers in Belgium, recently announced the rollout of a new webmail platform developed in collaboration with Zimbra. Since April 2010, Telenet has been providing access to the new system for over 1 million residential internet subscribers and will continue the migration through August 1st. The updated email suite – which is free to Telenet customers – provides 5 GB of storage, a built-in calendar and address book, many advanced tools like sharing, automated importing of external mail accounts, plus more features to come. Previously, Telenet internet customers had a basic mail utility and minuscule quota space of 50 MB. The new interface, powered by Zimbra, is extremely user friendly and is supported by 100x more storage. Other improved features include the ability to set up rules for filtering incoming mail and access to a mobile browser version. Several factors, including lower disk costs and the broadening availability of both virtualization and cloud applications made it possible for Telenet to make this update available to its customers. (One such distributed object storage framework is from Bizanga/Scality, who developed a connector for Zimbra, and has a video on Telenet's strategy here.… Read more »

Zimbra TCO Bests Microsoft Exchange in University of Pennsylvania Case Study

By | April 28, 2010
In today’s climate IT departments are under a lot of pressure to cut costs yet maintain services that don’t compromise on features.  So it’s no surprise we hear more and more the questions, “How does Zimbra total cost-of-ownership (TCO) compare with Microsoft Exchange?”   In fact, it recently hit #3 on our popularity chart as organizations contemplate Exchange upgrades again (we’ll save the top two questions for another day). Public field data typically shows Zimbra Collaboration Suite ahead of MS Exchange Server when licensing and hardware costs are compared for various on-premises deployments.   However, while licensing and hardware cost data is readily available, perhaps the most significant recurring cost components in the equation are less well documented — additional time spent administering servers and software and the high cost of support contracts. This cost differential often gets hazy because most organizations do not closely log time spent on specific tasks, including software administration or escalated user support issues.  Instead, in most circles you simply hear something analogous to “my Exchange servers are really cranky.”   But how much valuable productivity are you actually losing?… Read more »

Nordic Service Provider TDC Deploys Zimbra on VMware

By | March 18, 2010
Zimbra partner Nordicmind, recently published a case study on service provider TDC and their hosted business email deployment powered by Zimbra.  TDC is a leading telephony, internet, communications, and hosting solutions provider operating in Finland, Norway, and Denmark and specializes in services for businesses; in 2009 it generated $6.6 billion US in revenue with 11.7 million total customers. It's great seeing partners like Nordicmind take on these larger, and often more intricate, deployments and yet another indicator of how strong the Zimbra partner ecosystem has become.  There are now over 1000 VAR, HSP and distribution partners and many more on the way as our relationship with VMware flourishes. It's also worth noting this deployment not only entailed an upgrade to a modern collaboration platform but also a move to VMware ESX at the same time.… Read more »

Just Put a Zimbra iPhone App in My Stocking

By | December 23, 2009
Though the Holidays are in full swing and the big day less than 48 hours away, some of us here at Zimbra are just getting started on the gift giving process.  So naturally we started today by checking out some of our favorite idea spots like UnCrate, Gizmodo and the Adult Swim Store. Invariably, a visit to Apple was also in order for gadgets and Apps to use as stocking stuffers.  That last bit may sound odd, but as an example, there are no fewer than four iPhones/Touches circulating now in my family and we are not alone.  Not surprisingly, children will also choose a new App over anything we could bring home from the Dollar Store.  So, the iTouch goes back in the stocking with Flick Fishing this year - and voila a new tradition is born. :) Happily, during the process we discovered a new App benefiting Zimbra users who are on the go.… Read more »