Deployment: Part 1 in Considering Your Next Email System

By | December 15, 2014
It seems every week we have a new article about either a business or vendor trying to “kill” email. Simply put, email isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Yes, it will evolve, e.g., SaaS and mobile, but the intent of email remains the same, which is providing users with a tool for continuous conversation, file sharing and supplying a single pane of glass for multiple conversations. In this four-part series, we will briefly discuss four key considerations when selecting a new email solution. These considerations are pulled from an Osterman Research whitepaper, What You Should Consider When Planning Your Next Messaging and Collaboration System, sponsored by Zimbra. Deployment Options While the cloud is an attractive deployment model, it shouldn’t be your default option because of costs, see the TCO blog on that.… Read more »

Why is OSS better than proprietary

Half of All Email Systems will be Replaced in Two Years

By | November 19, 2014
Today, Zimbra announced the results of the Ponemon Institute’s “The Open Source Collaboration Study: Viewpoints on Security and Privacy in the U.S. and EMEA” report. Sponsored by Zimbra, the study surveyed 1,398 IT and IT security practitioners to learn about their companies’ involvement in the use of open source messaging and collaboration solutions, and their views on security and privacy. According to the survey, the majority of information security and technology professionals aren’t happy with their current collaboration software, the majority of which are proprietary solutions from Microsoft and Google. And over 50 percent of US and EMEA survey respondents are planning to replace their solution within two years. When selecting a new solution, the U.… Read more »

Convert Content

Zimbra Social 8.5: Delivering Brand Excellence

By | November 18, 2014
Zimbra Community is now Zimbra Social, and we are happy to announce the availability of Zimbra Social version 8.5. Brand is Everything The best brands demand a unique social experience. By delivering an open, scalable and extensible product, Zimbra Social is the only proven high-scale social platform that enables full brand/design tailoring. It is now easier than ever for a community manager to craft a unique social experience for his or her customers. This doesn’t stop at the desktop browser; Zimbra Social provides a mobile-first responsive design to ensure communities can engage on any device, anytime, anywhere. New:… Read more »

Confidence in Estimates of Messaging

What Does TCO Really Mean?

By | November 13, 2014
As with other types of software, when IT (or any software selection team) is in the process of procuring a messaging and collaboration solution, cost enters the discussion early. But, not understanding the nuances of total cost of ownership (TCO) can add up over time, both in CapEx and OpEx. In fact, a recent whitepaper from Osterman Research found that the majority of decision makers weren’t confident in the estimates on messaging costs. The figure below provides the breakdown. Confidence in Estimates of Messaging Costs Source: Osterman Research. “The TCO of Enterprise Email” User Cost The most common expression of cost, in the software world, is the per-user license or subscription fee; however, these only account for a single aspect of software TCO and are sensitive to volume.… Read more »

One Brand, One Organization: Keys to M&A Success

By | November 12, 2014
A recent interview with Zimbra CEO, Patrick Brandt, and After Nines Content Czar, Joe Panettieri, focused on successful tech M&A strategy. To no surprise, the conversation continually came back to the role of corporate culture. In fact, Patrick made the point that it can often be one of the single most important factors in determining the success of a merger or acquisition. While it is obvious that technology alignment is crucial, the human factor is sometimes overlooked. The quicker you merge the disparate organizations into one, the easier it is for other parts of integration to move forward, i.e. sales and development.… Read more »

Zimbra Collaboration Updates (8.0.9 & 8.5.1)

By | November 6, 2014
Yesterday, Zimbra released updates to Zimbra Collaboration, both the 8.0.x and 8.5.x trees. Security These updates address the OpenSSL security advisory dated October 15 and provide a partial fix for POODLE (due to the need for both client and server changes). Zimbra Collaboration 8.0.… Read more »