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Enterprise Mashups

Zimbra’s Zimlet technology enable enterprises to create mash-ups with internal and external data. Co-Founder Ross Dargahi spent sometime at the whiteboard with ZDNet. Check out this video to learn more about how enterprise mash-ups can boost your productivity when working with email. Enterprise Mash ups

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AJAX and CSS Optimization

Roland pointed me to an article about the amount of Javascript on’s home page. Seems a few Digger’s found it interesting. Well here at Zimbra we’ve got tons of Javascript and CSS in our AJAX web app. I decided to try an experiment to see if the techniques we use for Zimbra, a rather […]

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Developers guide for creating and enterprise mash-up

The term “mash-up” has been coined to describe the aggregation and customization of multiple web interfaces and web services to eliminate context-switching between existing systems, a process which delivers a richer experience and a wider range of capabilities to the end user. Technologies such as web services, AJAX, and REST have enabled developers to create […]

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