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Ajax Design Center

As it is realized within Zimbra and most other Ajax applications today, development is accomplished via GUI, object-oriented programming in Javascript. (Please see Ajax Programming Report Card and Ajax Sweet Spots.) This is the sort of work that developers with Java SWT, Java Swing, or C# skills will accel in at, but also the sort […]

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Been quiet here on the blog, but quite the opposite here inside Zimbra. We opened up CVS for those who want to live on the edge. We’ve also released the first beta of our Outlook Connector. Those of you trying the new Outlook support you can comment and discuss it here. Today we also posted […]

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All REST and no play…

One of the things we are working on for an upcoming release is REST interfaces into all our content. If you aren’t familiar with REST I’d just suggest reading Building Web Services the REST Way. Today, within the Zimbra Collaboration Suite we have a number of different server-side URLs that our client accesses to download […]

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