Busy week @ Zimbra

Several events going on this week. Satish, John and Greg will be at VMWorld where Satish will take part in tomorrow’s keynote. Later this week at ISPCon I’ll be on a panel – What the Web 2.0?. Last but not least Satish will be back on the main stage at Web 2.0. For those who […]

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The Ajax Experience, Oct 23-25, Boston, MA

Below are random thoughts on three days in Boston at The Ajax Experience. I gave a talk titled Ajax in the Enterprise. … AOL was giving away T-shirts by the hundreds, in solid, bright colors with words like “Geek” or “2.0” on them. Some conferencegoers walked away with several, which wasn’t discouraged – there seemed […]

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Firefox 2 vs IE 7

Last week I posted an entry comparing IE 7 with Firefox 1.5 and the venerable IE 6. Lot’s of folks have since asked for Firefox 2 to be added to the mix. The reason we didn’t initially include Firefox 2 is because it was not at the time officially released and so we felt it […]

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IE 7 vs IE 6

Back in April I wrote an entry complaining about IE’s performance as a Web 2.0 platform: “From a Web 2.0 application developers perspective (developers who use a lot of JavaScript and DOM manipulation), IE 6 is plagued by a number of well known problems such as its ability to readily leak memory. Regrettably, Microsoft’s next […]

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Thoughts on Office 2.0 (Reprise)

(FYI: I’ve made some enhancements/corrections based on Zimbra’s participation at the Office 2.0 Conference; pointer below. May or may not be worth a quick reread.) Yes, the “2.0” hype is getting out of hand. However, just as with Web 2.0, the technology evolution we are participating in is sufficent to at least justify the discussion. […]

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