10,000 Forum Members and Growing!

Today, we hit a big milestone in our forums! 10,000 members!

Congratulations to henricristo as our 10,000th member!

The growth of the community has amazed us. In July, we crossed the 9,000 member mark, and grew by 1,000 more members in about a month and a half. We have a very good spam moderation system, and are fairly confident that just about all of those registrations are genuine.

The topics range from the simple fixes to the topics that leave us scratching our heads.

The Zimbra Forums have become a great “encyclopedia” of knowledge for our ever growing community of Network Edition and Open Source Edition users.

With our 10,000th member, we add another chapter to the Zimbra < a href="/blog/archives/2007/05/the-zimbra-worldwide-community.html">Worldwide Community.

Got a question about Zimbra? Join our forums!

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