Some Notes on Beta 3

We’ve been asked a few times, what’s new in Beta 3?

You can view all of these items by going to our bugzilla, or project management.

Here are some of the cool new features:

  • iZimbra Support – iZimbra can be accessed by going to (try it on your other mobile devices too!)
  • Redirect to Standard/iZimbra Client based on Class of Service or browser detection
  • Back/Forward Browser button Support
  • Postfix 2.4
  • IMAP mail aggregation via the Zimbra Web Client
  • Calendar in Standard Client
  • HTML REST calendar view
  • Mail composer support for inline images
  • Forward multiple emails or a conversation
  • Many upgrades to third party components
  • Zimbra Briefcase is available
  • WebDav support
  • Download it today from Sourceforge, and post comments, questions, and suggestions in our forums!

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