New Forums Feature: Mark as [SOLVED]

We consider our forums much like a support ticket database. Each thread representing a ticket. We’ve always tried to make sure every thread gets an answer. Well, we’re happy to introduce a new feature on the forums that we hope that everyone uses. It’s the “Mark as [SOLVED]” feature.

We get anywhere between 2,500-3,500 posts per month in the forums. More often than that, people search the forums for answers to their problems. Since August 16, we’ve logged 5,608 searches. That averages out to 467.3 searches per day!

Wouldn’t it be cool if when you searched, you could know right away if the thread was solved? Now you can.

The concept is simple. If the original topic has been answered/fixed, then a moderator will mark the thread as solved. Only moderators can perform this function.

If you’ve started the thread, then you can request that it be marked solved by posting to the thread, or pm-ing our moderators.

Now, when the thread index or search is displayed, you will know right from the title if the topic has been resolved.

We’ve asked our moderators not to mark a thread as solved unless there is a solution in the thread. Also, if the thread is really old, and the information is no longer pertinent, then we’ll close the thread. This helps make sure that users don’t get out of date information.

We’ll be updating threads throught this week and weekend.

It’s our hope this will help improve the forums experience, and help you get the answers to the questions you have. . quickly.

Got a suggestion to make things better? or drop us a line in the Zimbra forums!

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