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March Madness

At Zimbra, we have many great customers in a wide range of industries, from financial services (H&R Block), to healthcare (Huntsville Hospital), to manufacturing (Middleville Tool and Die). Recently we have begun picking up steam in the education market, and we have been lucky to have over 300 educational institutions around the globe as customers. […]

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Deploying Zimbra on Campus

We’re continuing our Webinar Higher Ed Series with “Deploying Zimbra on Campus- A Case Study of Best Practices and Lessons Learned”. I’m told that all of the slots are filling up fast, so you should register today to insure you’ve got a spot. It will be moderated by Matt Asay, noted open source strategist and […]

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Webinar: Unicon Higher-Ed Round 2

We invite you to join our webinar tomorrow(Oct 16), “Unicon Higher-Ed Round 2”. As someone who worked in Education for six years as an IT Director, I know that costs vs features are typically the first thing educational institutions look at. So how can Zimbra help you? (more…)

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