CIO Executive Dinner Discussions: Zimbra & Double Take by NDS

Shajey Rumi’s Keynote talk focused on following three areas:

  • Introduction of Zimbra Collaboration.
  • Introduction of Synacor.
  • Introduction of a framework to select an email and collaboration product within an organization.


Two Keynote lightening talks along with a Panel Discussion.


The audience consisted of 40+ key decision makers (CIOs/CTOs) from 30+ leading organizations, representing sectors from of financial institutions, Government, Manufacturing, Regulatory, Power, and industry consortia.

Some of the participants were very new to Zimbra Email and Collaboration suite, while others have in depth experience of running Zimbra solution as old as 2002.

The discussion focused on issues relevant to Pakistan market and the unique security, privacy regulatory, and compliance needs.

Participants were very pleased to know that Zimbra is a great alternative to currently available solutions. Zimbra’s security, privacy, and extensibility was of particular interest since many organizations wanted to tailor their solution to their unique needs.

Synacor’s Zimbra experience hosting/management experience and delivering a world class SLA resonated well with the audience. There was a desire that Zimbra /Synacor will continue to share their expertise and experiences.

Many participants expressed that Pakistan represents a great opportunity for Zimbra Collaboration Suite. The attendees were pleased to see Zimbra/Synacor’s commitment to the Pakistan market and hoped that it will continue in the future.

Participants shared their plans to conduct Zimbra POCs. NDS will continue to guide the local market to conduct their Proof of Concepts (POCs) for Zimbra Collaboration Suite, while providing both technical guidance as well getting any needed expertise/advise from the Zimbra/Synacor.

Participants were particularly pleased to see Shajey Rumi to attend the partner-organized event and took it as a sign of Zimbra/Synacor’s commitment to Pakistan market.

Along with Email and Collaboration product, Shajey Rumi presented an overview of other Synacor products from Identity Management (IDM), Search and Advertising and OTT video solution. A number of participants are planning to have deep dive of Synacor ID solution.


  • NDS Technologies
  • Along with Double-Take from Vision Solutions, organized with help from IDG World Wakhan.

NDS Technologies

CIO Executive Dinner Discussions by photos

If you miss the Event, don’t worry, you can now visit the IDG Media Enterprise Facebook to see all the pictures:


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