Zimbra Collaboration Keeps Merit Network’s Customers Connected

Merit Network is a U.S. based nonprofit service provider that serves higher education, K-12 organizations, government offices, research institutions, libraries, and other nonprofits. For nearly 50 years, Merit has provided high-performance networking and services to the research and education communities in Michigan and beyond.

The Zimbra + Merit Story

Merit’s education, government and nonprofit customers are looking for email and other hosted applications that they don’t want to run in house. A few years ago, Merit decided to move away from the email platform it had been using, and provide a better collaboration solution for its customers. Merit desired a new platform that would be easy to migrate to, that would allow its customers to securely plug into for authentication, and that could be integrated with the other enterprise applications of its customers.

Upon searching, Merit concluded that Zimbra Collaboration could best serve its customers. Merit chose Zimbra Collaboration because of its customization capabilities, cost effectiveness and rebrandable user interface.

Today, Merit provides MeritMail’s Collaboration Suite, powered by Zimbra, to numerous public sector and nonprofit customers. MeritMail includes advanced functionality and dynamic features for email, calendaring, messaging, and document sharing.

Merit - MeritMail

To learn more about why Merit chose Zimbra, be sure to check out the new video we posted on the Zimbra Vimeo Channel. In the video, Justin Wainwright, systems analyst at Merit, shares more about the Merit and Zimbra story, Merit’s use of Zimbra Collaboration, plus more.

Merit - Vimeo

Along with Merit’s video, Zimbra’s Vimeo Channel houses other informative videos such as customer stories, partner testimonials, on demand webinars, plus more. Follow our Vimeo Channel today.

2 Responses to Zimbra Collaboration Keeps Merit Network’s Customers Connected

  1. Whidyani March 2, 2014 at 3:59 AM #

    Hi tiffany. very pleased to see the explanation. waiting for other interesting posts at a time when that will come.
    From Yogyakarta

  2. Tresa VanWinkle April 13, 2014 at 1:53 PM #

    Hello Zimbra,
    I am the executive director of a grass roots non-profit cancer prevention and support center in rural New Mexico. I am unable to find pricing on your site. I am wondering if you have any special reduced rates available for small nonprofits organizations.
    Many thanks for your time and consideration.
    Tresa :)

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