Yahoo! Emoticons in Zimbra Mail

For the last post in the Power Zimlet Series (Attach Email, Ignore Conversations, Contact Organizer, Task Reminders), we are ending on a lighter note.

Zimlet 5: Emoticons in Email

Who doesn’t love emoticons? They are core part of life online and I admit am a huge fan of them.

Historically Zimbra has always supported emoticons – but only in IM.   For ZCS 6.0 (coming very soon) we have made some enhancements to the Zimlet platform (including the ability to create new ‘application tabs’) that enable us to now support emoticons in email compose as well.

When you write an email you can simply enter your standard text emoticon [example: :)  ], or now you can select an emoticon visually using a button in the compose window that will insert the text for you (see below).  When you receive an email, emoticon text is automatically displayed as an image.

Now, emoticons are great but occasionally you might not want to see emoticons in your email, may be because some code or some text that’s unintentionally matching emoticons. So, we have added “Temporarily Disable in Mail” to help disable emoticons. Right click on the Zimlet in the left pane, and select it, then reopen the email. Further, Double click on Zimlet in the over-view panel to permanently enable/disable it.


PS: This will be shipped as a default Zimlet in ZCS 6.0.

Zimbra Emoticon

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2 Responses to Yahoo! Emoticons in Zimbra Mail

  1. fthdtyr October 28, 2010 at 4:05 PM #

    super cool!

  2. Jack November 30, 2010 at 4:16 PM #

    How do I get these emoticons in my toolbar so I can use them? I don’t have the compose icon or the smiley face.

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