Introducing ZCS for Windows Server

Update: Please note the original date- April Fools Day – –we’re just kidding– enjoy!   We do not have a Windows Version of Zimbra server.  If you want to run Zimbra Collaboration Suite server on Windows, we recommend using Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance!

Here is a link to the Zimbra Appliance news release:

Zimbra Appliance: Your Collaboration Cloud To Deploy Anywhere

If you are an end user and want to have a cool email and collaboration client for your Windows Desktop, you can always download the Zimbra Desktop — it works with any email account (and Twitter and Facebook)!


Zimbra leads the world in open source, next-generation messaging and collaboration software for Linux and Mac OS X servers. In fact, we recently passed the 40 million paid mailbox milestone. As we have grown, the question often asked is: “When will Zimbra extend its platform support to a given operating system?” Given the success of Zimbra Desktop on Linux, Mac, and Windows – we felt that a server version for Windows as was the next logical choice.

Obviously there are several hurdles going from a Linux environment to Windows, all of the third party applications we rely on need to have freely available cross-platform versions. We’ve partnered with OpenLDAP team, who have stepped up to provide an compatibility patch for a Microsoft Active Directory emulation mode. Combined with a new mail transfer agent written from the ground up, we’re pleased to bring you: Zimbra Collaboration Suite for Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

This isn’t the first time we’ve switched a package in favor of our own custom code – in Zimbra Desktop Beta 3 we threw out JavaMail and wrote a brand-new robust IMAP/POP client-engine from scratch. Replacing Postfix has been the major hurdle for a while now; the engineering team knew that it would be a daunting task.

I already do a lot of my dev work in Eclipse & IntelliJ on Windows. Previously we put PowerShell wrappers around our command line tools to assist more advanced admins. Now we’ve utilized MSI technology to provide the easiest install of a mail server ever.

— Anand Palaniswamy,
Server Team Lead

This extends Zimbra’s reach of services to the most widely deployed operating systems in the world – theoretically any Windows product; though XP, Vista and 7 will not be officially supported on the Network Edition since they don’t have the same long-term backing by Microsoft development teams. Editions tested by our quality assurance group cover the major versions of Windows Server 2008 including Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, HPC (high-performance computing cluster), Web Server, Small Business, Essential Business, and Foundation Server adaptations; in both x86 & x86_64-bit variants. We hope that the community will step up to cover Itanium based processors.

For the future, the server team is working to integrate Zimbra’s Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) with Windows Storage Server, for moving messages and attachments from a primary to a secondary volume based on the age of the message; which lets you to store less frequently accessed data on cheaper disks. Of note, the updates to junctions, reparse points, and symbolic links in recent NTFS versions allows us to do single-instance-storage as well.

We’re playing with .NET access for our SOAP interfaces in the labs. It’s potential is very impressive.

— Kevin Henrikson,
UI Team Lead

The compatibility with Windows will enable a large, new market for our HSP & VAR partners. To quote Jim Morrisroe, VP of the Zimbra Business Unit here at Yahoo: “It is key to delivering on our strategy and commitment to provide the best experience for users and administrators of any messaging platform in the market today. This launch enables us to sell to 2 million new small businesses and enterprises that view Microsoft server technology as integral to their success.”

ZCS version 5.0.15 for Windows platforms is now available on both the Open Source and Network Edition download pages. The Network Edition will be classified as beta until ZCS 6.0 is released – and will then contain the same product support as well as subscriptions to new releases, updates and patches. If you have any questions please contact our Windows sales team.

See the ZimbraWindows directory alternative to ZimbraServer in each branch of our public perforce cache for relevant files and build definitions. Try it out – you can leave us feedback thoughts below or over in the Community Forums.

2 Responses to Introducing ZCS for Windows Server

  1. Stephen Love August 31, 2010 at 11:45 PM #

    I’ve enjoyed Zimbra Desktop so far, and have about 25 or so email addresses for myself that I handle and filter for my own use, but as I am an emerging Website Hosting entity, I want to offer email addresses to outsiders, and provide that email. I host my own mail right now using argosoft, which just is not as powerful as I’d like. I take in several thousand emails per day now, and would like to step up. I do not want to build it myself or force myself to be dependent on specific software packages or operating systems beyond what I already have. I have a GREAT SERVER system so far running XAMPP with APACHE/PHP/MYSQL using virtual domains, which works great, utilizing a MULTITUDE of SSI features. I just would like to take my 4Mg ram 1.6g speed Intel DUO with XP Home OS and make good use of it. I don’t expect a million email users overnight and they will have to store their own emails after downloaded. I don’t want them kept on the server. Please steer me to the CORRECT download package of Open Source ZCS or APPLIANCE to get going! I’m not big enough to use the bigger packages yet.

  2. mailman.33 September 27, 2010 at 6:39 AM #

    too funny .. nice one Mike, keep it up!

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