Open Communication, Open Core, Open Standards: Zimbra Partner Summit

The Zimbra team had a fulfilling schedule in May. The two recent Partner Summits at Rome and Bangkok were filled with the buzzing energy of collaboration. It was a powerful reminder of the incredible partnerships we have forged.

ServerToday - Zimbra certified business partner

Photo credit: ServerToday. The ServerToday team at the APAC Zimbra Partner Summit

Zimbra team assembled for the EMEA Partner Summit

From brainstorming to execution, this team made the EMEA Partner Summit a reality!

Partners gathered in Rome - in support of the Zimbra Partner Summit

Making meaningful connections

Our keynote speakers

Ivy Lee, Senior Director for APAC Sales

Photo Credit: ServerToday. Ivy Lee, Senior Director for APAC Sales


Andrew Shingler – Staff Sales Engineer for EMEA

Andrew Shingler – Staff Sales Engineer for EMEA

At the Partner Summit, our keynote presenters touched on the notable trend of business users moving from on-premises email to cloud services and the rise in cloud business email users and profits. We also discussed new ways businesses can handle data and keep their business running smoothly when using SaaS services.

Our customers choose Zimbra for a variety of reasons. One of these is its Open Core/Open Standards strategy. It addresses the demands of a market in, which enterprises want to avoid depending on a single vendor for their communication and collaboration needs. Open Core/Open Standard provides the flexibility to future-proof their technological needs. It is efficient and cost-saving. It also encourages source code reviews for security fixes.

Our Zimbra partners benefit from more than just selling licenses. They are experts in the varying services and solutions they provide for Zimbra. Here are some of our technology alliances that shared the outstanding solutions and services they have developed with Zimbra.

Mirian Lin, Regional Sales Manager from Cellopoint

Photo Credit: ServerToday. Mirian Lin, Regional Sales Manager from Cellopoint

Mirian Lin, Regional Sales Manager from Cellopoint shared a customer success story they have in email security. Cellopoint is a next-generation email security leader, protecting organizations for over 20 years.

Sumeet Nayak Head of Support at Scalefusion

Photo Credit: ServerToday. Sumeet Nayak Head of Support at Scalefusion.

Sumeet Nayak Head of Support at Scalefusion. Sumeet shared about how Scalefusion and Zimbra’s integration have made for powerful unified endpoint management with advanced email security. It provides businesses with a robust and integrated solution that streamlines device management while ensuring the highest level of data protection.

Ba Nyan from Sorb Security is a Zimbra tech alliance.

Photo Credit: ServerToday. Ba Nyan shared about the core challenges of cybersecurity

Ba Nyan from Sorb Security. He shared how Sorb Security can help tackle the core challenges of cybersecurity, focusing on thwarting phishing & ransomware across email, the web, and beyond.


Frank is co-founder and CEO of Audriga

Frank discussed how Audriga, a global leader in email, groupware, and storage migration, supports hosters and telcos of all sizes. Their white-label self-service onboarding and large-scale multimillion account migrations make it easy to move data like files, emails, contacts, and calendars between various systems, including Zimbra.”

Stefano Pampaloni, Business Open Source Evangelist, CEO at Seacom

Seacom’s expertise and Itway’s value have expanded Zimbra opportunities across Europe. Stefano presented the new Seacom and Itway collaboration, discussing the current and future landscape of Zimbra distribution. This presentation highlighted the journey to this milestone, showcasing the growth, goals, and future challenges faced along the way.


We are always looking for opportunities to connect partners across regions. Feel free to reach out if you would like to explore any co-marketing/partnership ideas with us.

Together, through countless emails, discussions, and collaborations, we’ve built something remarkable. Let’s keep making meaningful connections.

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