Spice it up: Show some skin

Themes that is.

Some know that you can append ?skin=name to the end of your server’s url to test a skin without changing your preference value, but here’s another way to open a bunch at once – the Skin Previewer Zimlet.

Select those you wish to try out, and new browser windows are opened for side by side comparison:

(You can download com_zimbra_skinpreviewer over in the gallery for use against ZCS 5.0.11+ or ZD RC1.)

So you’ve checked out available themes – now how to take advantage of them all? Beach, Waves, and Yahoo tend to be our favorites; but every so often a dose of Lemongrass, Hot Rod, Zmail, or Steel is in order.

Switch themes daily, or whatever frequency you desire using the new Skin Changer Zimlet:




Gallery Page: com_zimbra_skinchanger (ZCS 5.0.11+ / ZD)


Need ideas for your own themes? Checkout the theme creation guide or the chameleon attributes for simple branding.

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