How to avoid: "Shoot, I Forgot A Birthday Gift!"

Sometimes there’s so much going on that we can’t take time to look forward on our calendars. Which always means scrambling at the last minute to get a present, send a card, or plan a party. A few social apps have saved me – barely. While there is an RFE you can vote for, Raja has once again come to the rescue with another Zimlet.

Kick off a scan of your existing contacts via the panel:

Choose exactly who to create reminders for, then select how many alerts you want and when to display them:

Like the Email Reminder Zimlet, we make use of a separate calendar for the re-occurring events; again marked as private / not shown in your free-busy status:

A short video of the new Zimlet in action:

You can find com_zimbra_birthdayreminder in the Gallery for use against ZCS 5.0.12+ (Zimbra Desktop install directions are over here).

More Info for Alerts

Often when I have an event or meeting coming up, other relevant information (like a phone bridge, remote session information, or who’s attending) is deep within the body but hard to get to from the current appointment alert.

com_zimbra_openappointment started as a separate add-on, but is now part of the alerts dialog code. It inserts a link so you can quickly navigate to your calendar for further details:

While an enhancement like this may not seem like much, it serves to highlight the convenience of using mashups to extend the UI to your needs.


Like it? Got a great idea for a extending Zimbra? Leave a comment below or drop in over at the Zimlets forum section.

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