Announcing Zimbra Desktop Beta 2

The highly anticipated Beta 2 release of Zimbra Desktop is here. This feature packed release has a ton of features that our users have been asking for. Read on for more.

Manage your email, contacts, and calendar events together in Zimbra Desktop. By email, we mean all your accounts- Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail Plus, Gmail, AOL, Outlook or any other email account is easy to set up with the Account Wizard. Now you don’t have to worry about forgetting to check other accounts and missing important email.

We listened in our forums to features that our users wanted, and so here’s a quick list of what we’ve built into this release.

What’s new:

1) Many bug fixes, especially in multi-account UI.

2) Themes now works with multi-account setup.

3) Accounts now can be reordered on the setup page.

4) Filters are now supported. IMAP/POP accounts can have locally run filters, whereas Zimbra mailboxes can edit the filters that runs on server.

5) Drag and drop support to add attachment in composer view. (See the Coolest Thing Ever!)

6) For Zimbra mailboxes, we now have a way to recover from sync failures that in previous builds would block sync.

7) IMAP code is now more compatible with various services.

8) Gmail support now allows domain names other than, yet still can use Gmail folder mapping settings.

9) Installation process has been retooled to limit possible user mistakes.

10) We now do data migration during installation, so users running Beta1 (build 1083) do not need to wipe out data to start over.

11) New version of Mozilla’s Prism which is faster and more stable.

12) This version comes with auto-update support. The next version will be pushed to user when it becomes available.

Get your free copy today:

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