Change mailto: links to ZCS Mailto: links

By | November 27, 2007
When you click on a mailto: link, most of the time your Firefox will launch that version of Outlook Express or Apple Mail you never configured. For the novice user, they click next, next, next, next, then send their e-mailand it never gets delivered. Well using a greasemonkey script that we'll convert to a firefox extension, we can handle the mailto links. This morning, I clicked on a link thinking it would take me to a "Contact us" form, but it was a mailto: link. I was a little annoyed that Apple Mail opened, and I thought: I wonder if there's a way to change that link to open ZCS?… Read more »

Moving ZCS to Another Server

By | October 9, 2007
In this Zimbra Administrator's PowerTip, we'll discuss how to move your instance of Zimbra to another machine. It applies to all version of Zimbra. (more…)… Read more »

Making Zimbra & BIND Work Together

By | June 20, 2007
Configuring BIND and Zimbra on the same machine is a hot topic over in the forums. Zimbra checks to make sure that you have the correct MX an A records. In this Administrator's PowerTip, we'll discuss how to install and setup BIND and Zimbra on the same machine. (more…)… Read more »

Exporting and Importing Zimbra LDAP Data

By | May 22, 2007
The reasons can vary from an emergency restore of user accounts, to changing system architecture. In this Administrator's PowerTip we will discuss how to export(dump) LDAP data to disk, and re import it. (more…)… Read more »

mailbox.log: The King of Zimbra Log Files

By | May 8, 2007
As many of our Administrators know, Zimbra Collaboration Suite logs just about everything. One of the most integral is the mailbox.log located in /opt/zimbra/log . In this Administrator's PowerTip, we'll cover some common entries in the mailbox.log file, and what they mean. *Note- This is an administrator PowerTip intended for System Administrators of Zimbra Collaboration Suite. (more…)… Read more »

Creating UNIX and Windows accounts in LDAP with the Zimbra Admin UI

By | April 24, 2007
Zimbra community members are often asking us how to integrate Zimbra with Samba in order to replace their current directory with Zimbra LDAP. User lfarkas, posted an article to Zimbra wiki where he wrote: "If we can manage posix and samba account in Zimbra's LDAP server through Zimbra admin UI, than we've got everything (we only must configure Samba to use Zimbra's LDAP server) and in this case that can be a real killer app!". (more…)… Read more »