Zimbra Brings Stability, Scalability & Collaboration to AINEO Networks

By | February 19, 2013
Founded in 1997 AINEO Networks was built to provide turnkey IT solutions to meet the needs of companies of all sizes around the world. Today AINEO’s products include three distinct offerings, hosted email, IT support and hosted phone systems. The cornerstone of their business is hosted email, which they first offered in 2008 with a hosted Exchange solution that raised awareness of the benefits of cloud email. The interest in cloud email was high, but with Exchange they quickly ran into stability, scalability and cost issues that threatened their growing business. Because they provided hosted Exchange to their customers and used it internally, AINEO’s team quickly became familiar with the limitations of Exchange from a technical and usability standpoint and it was clear this approach was holding them back. As a partner selling and servicing both Zimbra and Microsoft Exchange, AINEO was at a difficult crossroads between which platform would support their aggressive growth plans for hosted email. They had to decide whether or not to push through the expensive pains of Microsoft Exchange, or decide to go with another solution such as Zimbra. Through thorough analysis they finally reached an internal agreement that it was time to put Microsoft Exchange behind them - both internally and for their customers - and find a solution that was built for the post-PC era.… Read more »

Garden Grove

Zimbra Reduces the City of Garden Grove’s IT Costs While Increasing Employee Productivity

By | January 7, 2013
Founded in 1874, Garden Grove is one of the oldest cities in Orange County. As a full service City, Garden Grove offers its 173,000 diverse community members housing assistance, recreational programs, family entertainment, one of the top school districts in the country, and some of the most affordable places to live in “The OC.” Garden Grove employs nearly 1,000 full and part-time employees who work throughout the city and who are supported by a small IT department of 15. In 2009, the City’s email system became obsolete. Scalix’s desktop app didn’t support the remote access and multiple devices employees wanted to use to more effectively get their jobs done. Recognizing the drop in employee productivity as a result of missed meetings and unanswered emails, the IT staff at Garden Grove knew it was time to switch to an email and collaboration system built for the post-PC era. The Challenge: Supporting a New Type of Workforce Garden Grove’s IT Department had three primary requirements when it came to selecting a new email system:… Read more »


A Candid Conversation with a Zimbra Collaboration Suite Veteran

By | December 10, 2012
Guest post by Bob Menzies of AnyMeeting Recently, I sat down with Chris Murtagh, system engineer and CTO for RE Technology, a company that publishes reviews of software and services for the real estate industry.  I wanted to get a sense of why he chose Zimbra for the organization and how the company has benefited.  We also discussed AnyMeeting and the other Zimlets within Zimbra that he and the company primarily use to help grow the business.  Chris was very gracious and provided some interesting insight on Zimbra and how it can benefit any company.   How long have you used the Zimbra Collaboration Suite? I’ve used Zimbra since 2008, that’s when I first started playing with it.  I’ve worked for three separate companies and have always ended up being the guy who puts all of our systems together.… Read more »

Belgium’s Largest Telco Launches Zimbra Appliance

By | December 6, 2010
Belgacom, Belgium’s largest telecommunications company, recently announced the launch of Zimbra Appliance for its business customers. Zimbra Appliance will be offered to Belgacom customers in both public and private cloud configurations, enabling customers to run Zimbra Appliance either within their own datacenter or via the Belgacom datacenter, where the application is hosted as a service. The addition of Zimbra Appliance to the Belgacom public and private cloud offering brings small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as larger organizations, a leading, high qualitative email, calendaring and collaboration service. The launch of this new solution fits in the cloud strategy of Belgacom datacenter services by providing an alternative for outdated mail environments at a cheaper price. Belgacom’s customers join over 60 million Zimbra users at over 150,000 organizations around the world. To learn more about Zimbra Appliance click on the links below: http://www.… Read more »

Telenet Launches Zimbra For More Than 1.3 Million Customers

By | July 22, 2010
Telenet, one of the largest internet providers in Belgium, recently announced the rollout of a new webmail platform developed in collaboration with Zimbra. Since April 2010, Telenet has been providing access to the new system for over 1 million residential internet subscribers and will continue the migration through August 1st. The updated email suite – which is free to Telenet customers – provides 5 GB of storage, a built-in calendar and address book, many advanced tools like sharing, automated importing of external mail accounts, plus more features to come. Previously, Telenet internet customers had a basic mail utility and minuscule quota space of 50 MB. The new interface, powered by Zimbra, is extremely user friendly and is supported by 100x more storage. Other improved features include the ability to set up rules for filtering incoming mail and access to a mobile browser version. Several factors, including lower disk costs and the broadening availability of both virtualization and cloud applications made it possible for Telenet to make this update available to its customers. (One such distributed object storage framework is from Bizanga/Scality, who developed a connector for Zimbra, and has a video on Telenet's strategy here.… Read more »